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Recipe six: Tex Wasabi’s Koi Fish Tacos

Oh, hi. OK. I know what you’re thinking: Who is a Tex Wasabi? Why do fish tacos belong to him? And why would I want to eat them. These are questions that have more than one answer. Come with me …

According to this illustration from “Cookin’ It. Livin’ It. Lovin’ It,”  Tex Wasabi is a version of the intense, mustachioed cowboy from the Village People, but more specifically a version that has intimacy with fish. An aside: that koi didn’t see any of this coming. If fish eyes could talk, those would be doing so very loudly. 

The second answer is that Tex Wasabi is the fictional namesake of two of Guy Fieri’s funky, Mexi-Asian-fusion restaurants in California. Notice the phonetic similarity between Guy Fieri and Tex Wasabi. It’s almost like that’s what Guy would have renamed himself if he had the opportunity to rename himself. Oh, wait he DID RENAME HIMSELF glaglaglaglag — show your face, “Guy Ferry”

I’ll g’head and let Guy explain the Tex Wasabi fish taco. Words like “funky” and “crust” have more gravitas when spat from his lips …

I have a thing for making food from scratch that breaks away from the traditional styles and methods. So in making fish tacos I wanted to go beyond the usual grilled method and do them in my own funky way. I pushed it to another level by frying the fish in tempura batter and panko crust.

No, I don’t actually use koi in this recipe, but koi fish are reminiscent of Asia and tattoo art, and you know I gotta have fun with the name. Yee-haw! 

Fish! In a tortilla! WHAT AN INVENTION. Thank God there’s a funky twist in the form of fried fish. I’m not trying to be rude (YES I AM) but aren’t lots of fish tacos made with fried fish? Answer me. Alright, fine. Don’t. 

I had three nice friends over to enjoy Tex’s tacos with me. And if there’s anything I’d like for you to know about me (besides that I’m obviously, profoundly, and obsessively in love with Guy Fieri), it’s that I know how to entertain company.

Hors d’oeuvres …

If Guy Fieri was a potato chip he would be one of these. Because he is also red and not actually a thing in real life. Oh, and look at the side dish I painstakingly prepared (pardon my disgusting thumb) …

And to marinate the fish, Heritage tequila. Whose heritage, I’m not sure. Feel free to break into my home and take this before I eventually (imminently) come home drunk and think it sounds like a good idea …

The rest of the ingredients!

Not pictured: the fish (which was marinating in the tequila, some lime juice, and cilantro) and sour cream, which was the main ingredient in the tequila-lime “aioli.” 

I’ll tell you what. Half a container of sour cream mixed with cilantro, cumin, and lime juice does not an aioli make …

I guess I’d make a bigger fuss about the discrepancy had I not served Knorr Taco Rice with the meal. 

Here’s where things get both funky and crusty. See, normally your fried fish will be either breadcrumbed or battered. In the fine Fieri tradition of overdoing things, the fish in this dish is floured, then dunked in tempura batter, then rolled in panko breadcrumbs. Look. Golden-brown cod crustification.


The fat, yellow dog who lives here was partial to discarded cabbage leaves … 

THE FINISHED PRODUCT! My guests were wowed. And also starving because the making of these took longer than I’d anticipated. 

 I have homework for you. Start looking at Guy Fieri’s Facebook page with some regularity. We have a lot to talk about. 

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